The Declaration of Conformity is an official document that confirms the compliance of products put into circulation by 
manufacturers with the requirements and provisions of state regulations and standards. 

Types of declarations of conformity:

1) declaration of conformity, drawn up in the GOST R system;
2) declaration of compliance with the requirements of technical regulations, including a declaration of fire safety;
3) declaration of conformity with the technical regulations of the Customs Union.

The certificate of conformity is a document confirming the conformity of products to the requirements of technical regulations, 
standardization documents or regulatory documents.

The list of products subject to mandatory certification, as well as the list of products whose conformity is confirmed in the 
form of a declaration of conformity, can be found in Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 982 December 1, 2009 "On approval of a  unified list of products subject to mandatory certification, and a unified list of products, the confirmation of conformity of  which is carried out in the form of a declaration of conformity".


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