Perfume and cosmetic products

Perfume and cosmetic product is a product that is produced in consumer packaging, intended for application only to certain parts 
of the body. The purpose of the use of perfumery and cosmetic products is to clean and / or change the appearance of the skin, 
hair, nails, lips, teeth, oral mucosa and external genitalia without violating their integrity, giving them a pleasant smell and 
/ or correcting the smell, maintaining them in normal functional state. 

Registration of cosmetics 

Perfumery and cosmetic products are subject to sanitary and epidemiological control and mandatory state registration in 
accordance with the Unified List of Goods and the Federal Law of the Russian Federation No. 52-FZ "On the sanitary and 
epidemiological well-being of the population" dated March 30, 1999. 

Scheme of state registration of cosmetics:

1) conducting preliminary tests in a laboratory;
2) entering relevant data into the Certificate of State Registration for products.
3) registration certificate of conformity.

Cosmetic and Perfume Products have to be Certified According toTechnical regulation TR CU 009/2011 Technical regulation of the  Customs Union "On the safety of perfumery and cosmetic products" Technical regulation of the Customs Union 009/2011 (EAEU)  establishes requirements for products, as well as for related production processes, in order to protect human life and health, property, environmental protection, as well as the prevention of actions that mislead consumers about its purpose and security.  The Expert Organization Sertigrad has great experience to perform Perfumery and cosmetic products certification and Declaration  conformity for Perfumery and  cosmetic products to issue certification for products to verify their compliance with the requirements of the technical  regulations of the Customs Union

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